About Us

Ellora Skincare is a premium brand that offers bio-scientific age-correcting solutions that are safe, well researched and highly effective. Our mission is to continuously research the skin's bioactivities and to formulate age-correcting skincare solutions that combine skin friendly and state-of-the-art biotech ingredients with rare and efficacious botanical extracts to help women restore and maintain the health of their skin and achieve long-lasting visible improvements. 
Our customers tend to pride themselves on their knowledge of active ingredients, the benefits and the science behind our products and are typically not looking for something that just smells and feels nice.
Our skincare products do NOT contain parabens or mineral oils, are NOT tested on animals and our packaging is straightforward and recyclable.
Our skincare products are produced in the EU and comply with the world's strictest cosmetic regulations.
Ellora Skincare's bio-scientific skincare solutions are formulated by our dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced cosmetologists/pharmacologists/chemical scientists with a cumulative experience of more than 50 years in cosmetic formulation. The team holds several formulation patents and have won numerous industry awards.

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