Ethical Profitability

Should a reliable brand mean Exorbitant Prices?

A typical big skincare brand would spend millions on marketing expenses. This creates the hype and therefore the demand to be able to charge exorbitant prices to the end consumer. The consumer ends up paying astronomical sums of money for a product that costs a fraction of its price to manufacture. At Ellorabeauty we believe that even with the best, most innovative ingredients, latest research and clinical testing - a good skincare product should never make the consumer pay the price for the branding hype or glossy packaging. We call this ethical pricing or eventually Ethical Profitability as a business. At the end of the day, there really isn't a magic potion out there that is going to reverse the natural process of ageing. We are not saying all products are equal, but why pay a fortune when you can get the same results at an affordable price. For us, skincare is a part of the holistic process of taking care of yourself.

We definitely understand that with hundreds or even thousands of skincare brands out there, it is important for each one to communicate its unique message to the consumer. It is only natural for the consumer to be frustrated or even confused with almost daily launches of new skincare products, promising even newer age-reversing miracles. In such a crowded space, we empathise with the consumer who confuses higher prices with reliability and product effectiveness and thus unknowingly ends up funding the huge marketing budgets of big brands. A reliable brand helps the consumer make the right choices with the right amount of information presented in understandable language. We believe that a renowned and reliable brand should still never be the reason to make the consumer pay exorbitant prices for great skincare products. This for us is Ethical Profitability.

Our product formulations are driven by the same scientific research that big brands promise. Backed by a scientific team with more than fifty years cumulative experience in skincare formulation, our products are manufactured in the same facilities with the same exacting standards as boasted by big brands. With our motto being science • beauty • sincerity, we see science as being our first name and therefore invest in research rather than glossy packaging that eventually ends up in the bin and plays no part in the consumer enjoying healthy glowing skin. We are proud of our packaging that is beautiful, functional and environment-friendly. We see sincerity as being our last name and will therefore always aim for sustainable and ethical profitability.

Why will you not find us in your department store?

We have put a lot of thought into understanding how best our valued customers would be able to interact with our brand and our products. The skincare space inside a typical department store is a crowded and confusing arena for a consumer seeking answers to specific or general skincare concerns. Unless, they are willing to pay huge brand premiums, it is difficult to determine whether a product on the shelf of a department store is value for money for the job it does for your skin. 

With this understanding in mind, we have developed a rich, informational and secure online platform for our valued customers to learn more about us and our products. We are also present on renowned social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where our customers communicate with us and keep themselves updated about latest developments, skincare advice, discounts and offers.